World's first chat network for retailers, farmers & consumers

A hyperlocal chat platform for local shopkeepers, home business owners, farmers. Sell or buy in single click & communicate realtime over chat.
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1hour for Consumers

A simple, smart & quick way to order daily goods

Instant & Realtime

Get a quote in seconds. Communicate real-time in chat.

Multi Shop

Order vegetables from local farmers & groceries from shops.

Click & Collect

Avoid long queues by pre-ordering. Pickup & save time.

Home Delivery

Get goods delivered to your doorstep in 1 hour.

Clutter Free

Only order just what you want. No adverts & unwanted promotions.

Social Impact

Promote local suppliers & organic farmers.

Introducing 1hour

Watch the 90 sec intro.

1hour Core Objectives

The core vision & mission of 1hour platform


Connect 10 million consumers, 1 million farmers & 1 million retailers. Establish local supply for local demand.


Promote local economic growth by providing a level playing field to small home businesses.


Simplify shopping experience. Provide realtime communication in chat & voice.

1hour for Shopkeepers & Farmers

Sell anything from fruits to vegetables. Categorise your products as organic for specific market. Publish prices instantly & change them multiple times a day.

Increase revenue and get market rates. Sell your agro products directly to customers or retailers.

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1hour app today

1hour is free & open chat platform & to increase your sales and reach local customers.

More than 40   businesses are enrolled in the platform.

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1hour Benefits

Are you a shopkeeper, farmer or run business from home ?

Grow your business

Go digital with us and expand your business to a wider customer base.

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Virtual Shop

Run your shop from a godown. It's no longer necessary to have a well furnished shop.

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Business from home

Sell home made products online - Agarbatti, Pickles, Papad. Reach to local customers.

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Promote your Brand

Create and sell your own brand for your innovative products. Build your online presence.

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Local Farming

Sell home grown fruits & vegetables on the 1hour app. Reach end customers directly.

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Go Oraganic

Promote your organic products. Create social awareness & make a trend to attract customers.

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How does it work?

1hour focuses on effective & natural human communication; instead of rigid conventional ways.

Choose a Shop

Customer can select any shop nearby or from other cities.

Chat your Items

Get an instant quote by simply chatting what you want.

Place Order

Get realtime updates when order is packed & on its way.

Article by 1hour CEO - Lokmat Times

Covid 19- the opportunity of transformation for indian retail market. This article explains how Covid 19 has given excellent opportunity to businesses to rethink, restructure and introspect their business strategies.

It is time for retailers who are running their business by traditional ways to transform themselves and run it on digital platforms & stock management sys...

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Investor Relations

1Hour-Tech is actively seeking investor relations to launch the 1hour platform in multiple cities.
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Our Happy Clients

1hour is world's first open ecommerce chat platform made for retailers, farmers & customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1hour is a lightweight & efficient platform to connect local customers with local suppliers.

The app can be downloaded from google playstore.

Apple App store apps will be available soon. Alternatively feel free to use the web version compatible with mobile and major browsers.

Products can be uploaded by registering a free shopkeeper account.

Once a shopkeeper account is created; go to manage products screen and add products by clicking the plus button at the top and the bottom right of the screen.

Please download the 1hour app from Google play store. Select a store and then start typing for the products to order.

Click on the send button to get a instant quote. Once a quote is received press the place order button.

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Local supply for Local demand.